The company successfully held the 2022 science and technology activity weekly Academic Conference
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On the morning of May 24, the 2022 science and technology activities weekly academic conference of the group company was successfully held in the 400 person lecture hall of the R & D building. Leaders of the group and joint stock companies, managers above middle-level assistants and some representatives of scientific and technological personnel attended the meeting, representatives of important customers of the company were invited to attend the meeting, and Guangxi Wanwei and Mengwei science and technology video simultaneously attended the meeting. Liujulan, deputy chief engineer of the group company and director of the technology development center, presided over the report meeting. Wufusheng, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the group company, attended the meeting.

This academic presentation will consist of five reports. The first report is the theme report of "PVA optical film - polarizer and new display application" brought by Wangdaoliang, doctor of University of science and technology of China and general manager of Wanwei advanced functional film materials research institute. In the report, it is said that the Research Institute Company has integrated the resources of China University of science and technology and Wanwei, and focused on solving the neck technology of functional film materials such as PVA optical film and polarizer industrial chain, which will inject new innovation power into wanwei to build itself into a first-class "Quality Wanwei" in the industry.

The second report is the "PVB resin-PVB film industry chain" brought by Xuhongping, deputy general manager of the joint stock company. Xuhongping pointed out that Wanwei should give full play to the advantages of the whole PVA-PVB resin-PVB film industry chain, further expand and strengthen the PVB industry chain, and accelerate the realization of import substitution.

The third report was brought by zhangmingliang, technical.

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