Our company successfully passed the third round of cleaner production auditinging and acceptance
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  • release time:2021-10-29 00:44:37
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On the afternoon of May 29,2022, the cleaner production auditing and acceptance expert group of Chaohu city of Hefei city ecological environment branch came to our company for the work of third round of cleaner production auditing and acceptance.

At the auditing and acceptance meeting, the expert group reviewed the implementation of our company's cleaner production work and the cleaner production auditing and acceptance report. The unit consulted reported on the cleaner production auditing consultation of our company.

At the production site, the acceptance expert group focused on the implementation and operation of cleaner production projects such as the safety and environmental protection upgrading and transformation project of the organic plant.

The acceptance expert group fully affirmed the achievements of cleaner production of our company. The expert group believes that the cleaner production plan formulated and implemented by our company has achieved great environmental, social and economic benefits and reached the leading level of cleaner production.

After quantitative scoring by the expert group, the third round of cleaner production of our company successfully passed the acceptance.

In recent years, our company has continuously increased investment in safety and environmental protection, energy conservation and consumption reduction, strengthened the supervision and management of cleaner production, and comprehensively promoted cleaner production through technological upgrading, thus, our company effectively achieve the purpose of energy conservation, consumption reduction, pollution reduction and efficiency increase.

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