Big Hand In Small Hand A Different Way To Celebrate International Children's Day
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  • release time:2021-10-29 00:43:24
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In the afternoon of May 30, accompanied by the gentle breeze in early summer, when the "June 1" International Children's Day was approaching, the relevant leaders of the labor union, the customs Working Committee and the Youth League Committee of the group company came to the children's dream kindergarten in Wanwei eastern district to send different holiday gifts and good wishes to the children.

The leader of the trade union and his party first came to the children, interacted with them, gave them holiday gifts, wished them healthy growth and happy holidays, and the whole campus was immersed in a happy atmosphere.

During the activity, Wanwei fire brigade was invited to carry out fire fighting knowledge training in the kindergarten, explain the knowledge of safe fire fighting, earthquake prevention and shock absorption to all teachers and students, guide the children to observe the fire engines and various fire-fighting equipment closely, and popularize the use of fire-fighting equipment and common sense of disaster prevention and self rescue through interaction, display and discussion.

This activity not only brought the warmth and care of the group company to the children, but also strengthened the fire safety education, popularized the basic knowledge of fire and earthquake prevention, and let the children spend a meaningful International Children's Day. On behalf of all the teachers and students, the head of the kindergarten expressed his gratitude and said that he would continue to work hard in the future to ensure the healthy growth of the children.

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