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HSHM PVA fiber with high tensile strength and modulus is the best substitution of asbestos widely used in the areas of high performance concrete engineering, the military and coinage etc due to its resistance to acid and alkali, anti aging, corrosion resistance, ultraviolet light resistance superior performance. 

  Wanwei owns many know-how in the production of PVA fibre, and obtained national patent for its washing equipment.

  Now Wanwei has 16 production lines with total capacity of 35,000mt/year.. Its main varieties are HSHM PVA fiber W1, W2, W4 and PVA fiber for concrete. The product with the ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification has been exported all over the world including Europe, America, South-East Asia, Africa etc.

  Main Parameters: 

  Count: 2.0±0.25dtex

  Tenacity: ≥11.5CN/dtex

  Elongation: ≤7.5%

  Molulus(0.1-0.4%): 280±20 CN/dtex

  Hot Water Solubility(90℃,1hour): ≤2%

  Cut Length: 5mm, 6mm,12mm or filament

  Packing: P.P. bag, 180kg net weight(1000×550×600mm)

  12.96T / 20’FCL Container 

Technical parameters

  1、Superior Mechanical And Physical Properties

  HSHM PVA fiber has high tensile strength and modulus, low elongation. The tensile strength is not inferior much to steel bar and elastic modulus can match with concrete’s. It can improve the early strength of concrete, but also the tensile strength of concrete in the late, can greatly save construction curing time, shorten construction cycle.

  2、High Affinity With Cement

  HSHM PVA fiber has good affinity properties with cement and the bonding strength is better than that of nylon 6, polypropylene, polyester fiber etc. Because of the unique molecular structure, PVA fiber plays the reinforcing function on the interface bonding with brittle material cement.

  3、good dispersion

  HSHM PVA fiber is not adhesive between each other and can disperse well in water. Fiber in the concrete evenly disperses, randomly distributes then overlaps into a three-dimensional network st

Anhui Wanwei updated high-tech material Industry Co. Ltd

  International Business Department

  Anhui Wanwei international trade Co., Ltd

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  In order to meet the demand of rapid development of Wanwei Group, Anhui Wanwei international trade company limited which is the wholly owned subsidiary of Anhui Wanwei updated high-tech material Industry company limited was established in August 1, 2010.

  Anhui Wanwei international trade company has the self-supported import and export right. On the one hand it can import all kinds of chemical raw materials, such as VAM, PTA, ethylene glycol and other products for Wanwei Group. One the other it also can export polyvinyl alcohol, high strength and high modulus PVA fibers and Redispersible emulsion powder etc . And to meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers, Wanwei international trade company agents various types of goods import and export .

  With professional and meticulous work, The company is dedicated to domestic and foreign customers to provide efficient quality services. 

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