Wanwei has obtained ISCC international certification
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  • release time:2021-10-23 15:32:34
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Recently, the headquarters of wanwei group and Guangxi wanwei successfully obtained the ISCC (sustainable development and carbon certification) international certification, becoming the only enterprise in the industry to obtain this international certification with biomass vinyl acetate (VAC) products.

The task of this ISCC international certification is heavy and the time is tight. It involves the collaborative certification of the headquarters and Guangxi wanwei. The quality management department and the International Trade Department of the group company cooperate with each other, go all out to overcome various difficulties, complete various certification work within 2 months, and obtain the certificate, which fully demonstrates the efficient and responsible work style of the relevant departments of the company.

The certificate has enabled the company to obtain orders for relevant products from European customers, and has become the "international pass" for the company's biomass industry chain products, providing assistance for the company's relevant products to open the international market.

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