The company's QC achievements won many honors
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From May 30th to 31th, Hefei quality and Technological Innovation Association held the 2022 Hefei quality management group technical achievements exchange meeting. After two days fierce competition, company's three QC teams participated in the release of the subject achievements won two first prizes and one second prize.


Sun Xianwu, general manager of the public company, pay much attention to this conference and asked the quality management department to organize and coordinate all preparation works for this competition. The quality management department, together with Dawei branch, PVA film branch and organic branch, selected and prepared three topics through preliminary evaluation and final, which were widely praised by the judges. Among them, the two achievement topics of "improving the rate of high-grade rate PVA denier fiber" issued by Dawei branch and "improving the high-grade rate of high-grade TFT PVA optical film" issued by PVA film branch won the first prize in the competition, and the "improving the pass rate of PVA special for PVB" issued by organic branch won the second prize in the competition.


This time, the QC team won the above honors, which showed the quality breakthrough level of the company. Next, the quality management department will make preparations for participating in the Anhui quality management team competition and ICQCCinternational QC team trials this year according to the company's requirements.

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